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Engineers are in charge of setting up processes to meet all Marketing content needs and create superb customer experiences.

Find below all the tools for the marketing content production processes.

Here’s an overview of the process that consists of three main stages:

  1. Creation of the Digital Aspect Mockup of the vehicle (DAM).
  2. Storage and validation in the Car Model Repository (CMR).
  3. Validated DAM exploitation in different usage scenarios.

Starting with CAD and Marketing source data, the Authoring process produces the Marketing Digital Twin with photorealistic, animatable and configurable properties.

Next, the Digital Aspect Mockup is placed in a centralized web service, the Car Model Repository, for validation.

Finally, the validated DAM is leveraged by applications for your company and your customers through access to the CMR.
The applications are implemented on the solution’s tools. Lumiscaphe provides model applications for customization.

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