Exploring innovative ideas through real-life use cases

CREATE stunning customer experiences

Use cases

Thanks to the Machinery delivered, you will create amazing content for all marketing uses: websites, brochures, kiosks…

Whether you have creative, technical skills… or not!

Enhance your customers’ experience to improve engagement. Make your communication unique and create a difference from the competition.

Here are some concrete use cases implemented for our customers with the Machinery.

These projects are possible thanks to the Car Model Repository.

Car Model repository proposition

Gain space with a digital showroom

Optimize costs and improve the efficiency of your dealerships.

High-quality rendering for your web configurator

Billions of images are calculated to create an interactive experience.

Create a unique experience for business customers

Showcase all the possibilities your vehicles offer for professionals.

Let customers explore all the range of your offer

Show all the possibilities and versions to the customers to enhance sales options.

Photorealistic 3D renderings