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A blog dedicated to 3D Digital Solutions for the automotive marketing and sales 

Today, we’d like to tell you about Lumiscaphe’s new blog and explain why it could be interesting for you.

3D visualizations, experiences, and configurators are rapidly becoming mission-critical tools for leading automobile brands. At Lumiscaphe we call this segment ‘3D Digital Solutions’, encapsulating the commercial use of these virtual tools.

When discussing 3D Digital Solutions, often online automobile configurators jump to mind. These are a pretty common sales tool found on most automotive retail websites. Online consumer engagement is a critical component of the consumer’s journey. But, behind the scenes, these indispensable tools create technical and management issues. This is because the need for 3D and virtual content goes well beyond just online configurators. Consumers, sales partners, advertising agencies, internal stakeholders, and even suppliers, all have 3D needs. 

Not fully appreciating the complexity and scale of work involved in 3D Digital Solutions often leads to tools that don’t live up to expectations. 

In this blog, we want to go under the hood of 3D Digital Solutions and explore the nuts and bolts of successful 3D digital projects.  

These projects are complex industrial marketing tools that weave deeply into all aspects of engineering, design, communication, and marketing processes. Stakeholders for these systems are spread throughout organizations and around the globe. These 3D Digital Solutions systems are given the substantial task of creating real-time, on-demand, and configurable photo-realistic renderings and virtual experiences for all digital platforms – on a global scale.

For the last 15 years, Lumiscaphe has been successfully creating 3D Digital Solutions for global automobile brands. In this blog, we want to share with you that experience. We want to spotlight the issues, challenges, and benefits of 3D Digital Solutions. Doing so, we hope to share ideas and methods that you can use to enhance and accelerate your business.

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