Car model repository

We need a car model repository in which we can find the master data model for each product.

The Master Data Model is the result of all the data prep, the CAD…
It is therefore a 3D database of the entire product range, in which we find all the configuration and conformity information.

Here, an example of Master Data model of 3 cars : Captur, Clio, and Scenic

The Lumis 3D application hosts the car model repository,

Each master data model provides the visual aspect for a fully configurable & compliant product.

Lumiscaphe provides several 3D visualization technologies to compute on the fly real-time or high-definition pictures of the customized car from the master data model.

Capitalizing on the car model repository gives the ability to use a unique source of validated pictures at a low cost. This will feed a wide range of customer experiences: advertising contents, web configurators, or kiosk applications.

In the following pages, we will show you some applications that take advantage of the car model repository.

> A simple web configurator